Hewan Pintar

My Christmas Dinner

Hey! come out. You are my beautiful girl..i want you for tonight.

stop drinking my water pleaseI don’t know what you are doing but stop it please

Cat playing Sodoku

Can’t find the solution, it’s such a difficult one, I can’t get it!

Catch the ball!

this dog does exactly what we asked him to do

Funny PC used by a strange animal

thirsty? Take this coca cola bottle!

I want to drink my coca cola alone. So please go away!

Mice Eating Spaghetti

I think mom is going to be a little upset the mice got out of their cage.

Teamwork is a great thing

Share victory. Share defeat. That’s not a very nice one..

I'm a penguin

this bear is not prepared fro Halloween

McDogsHaHa, I love Mcdonald’s and dogs.

It's raining...

a bird attacking a little boy

Where are the dogs?

this do is quite naughty, I wouldn’t go there

Smart dogI hope this catches on – there are some horse-size dogs in my neighborhood.

Ice cream thief

Dog's DiarySurprising, even dogs maintain a diary!

All are under arrest

what will the officer get searching that little dog? A gun, knife or just loads of shits from the dog’s backdoor

Little birdie

Little birdies…know the tricks of the trade.

How many crocodiles are you going to hit?

Only if the wind could stop, I would live to tell the tale.

A highway to hell

A highway to hell in the purest sense of the phrase.

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