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Mishka Anjing yang bisa bicara – Dog Talking ^-^ Anjing Lucu

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Melihat video ini saya jadi teringat peliharaan saya di rumah. Memang bila kita betul – betul menyayangi perliharaan kita dia akan menerima perlakuan yang sama. Saya sangat suka dengan peliharaan anjing karena sangat setia dan tulus bila kita memberikan perlakuan yang baik. Terlihat dari raut mukanya yang sangat lugu dan tidak terlihat sedikitpun seperti contohnya pada kucing *wah bahaya nih klu penyayang kucing dengar haha.

Mishka says 12 words – Dog Talking

Mishka says “Hello…I love you…LOL”!



Hewan Pintar

My Christmas Dinner

Hey! come out. You are my beautiful girl..i want you for tonight.

stop drinking my water pleaseI don’t know what you are doing but stop it please

Cat playing Sodoku

Can’t find the solution, it’s such a difficult one, I can’t get it!

Catch the ball!

this dog does exactly what we asked him to do

Funny PC used by a strange animal

thirsty? Take this coca cola bottle!

I want to drink my coca cola alone. So please go away!

Mice Eating Spaghetti

I think mom is going to be a little upset the mice got out of their cage.

Teamwork is a great thing

Share victory. Share defeat. That’s not a very nice one..

I'm a penguin

this bear is not prepared fro Halloween

McDogsHaHa, I love Mcdonald’s and dogs.

It's raining...

a bird attacking a little boy

Where are the dogs?

this do is quite naughty, I wouldn’t go there

Smart dogI hope this catches on – there are some horse-size dogs in my neighborhood.

Ice cream thief

Dog's DiarySurprising, even dogs maintain a diary!

All are under arrest

what will the officer get searching that little dog? A gun, knife or just loads of shits from the dog’s backdoor

Little birdie

Little birdies…know the tricks of the trade.

How many crocodiles are you going to hit?

Only if the wind could stop, I would live to tell the tale.

A highway to hell

A highway to hell in the purest sense of the phrase.

Hewan jagoan

Birthday party  Bulldog

Funny and cute bulldog photos dressed up for Birthday party and other special occassions

Xtreme Sport

are you going to eat that chease?

No I'm not a cat, I'm darth vador!

Are you in trouble? Cause you look a bit sad for some reason!

Working Cats

I am a cat women. Do you agree?

Funny Mouse

is there any thing in my mouse?

My dog

My dog like to drink water this way?


I don’t know if we should laugh or feel sorry for that pup. Looks like he’s not to happy with his ears so far back.

dogs and cat

i wonder what will happen next ? Will this cat get eaten by all those dogs?

I will catch this big fish

Can you imagine such a big fish in your plate?

This dog is one of the biggest in the world!

That dog is so big! Do you image how much food you have to give him every day?

Tennis Balls Dog

Don’t bark with your mouth full, that’s not very nice!

Cat fight!

take this kick in your face you bad dog

Back face

Don’t try to attack me from the back, i can see you!

Probably a suicide attempt

Sheep Attack

A car stopped by a group of sheep.

Weightlifting Champion

Mr. Dog desires to content for the next Weightlifting Championship.

New Sheriff

Check out the new Sheriff of the Town.

The fastest chase

Now catch the zebra if you can.You are not a moto racer tiger,you can’t even dream of catching the zebra now

Very Poerful Ant

Don’t underestimate us, if we can enter the elephant’s ears, we can also take loads of biscuits

Who's The Boss

Don’t think that only you can bite,cos when we cats get angry,we don’t care who you are

This dog really has the size of a horse?

Hang on… do I need an eye check – up? Is that a dog on the right?

Biggest Rabit in the world, you can ear for days!

A hare too big for its size is a HARE no more!! I’d love to eat this little animal, it will be good!

gate keeper

keep walkin pal.. nothin to see here

Kucing semakin merajalela :D

I am a cat and I will kill you!

some cats are very naughty! They are very well armed so you dogs have to be aware of this!

Cat with a television

wait I’ll fix this problem with your tv, it’s quite easy!

This cat is an alien!

how many eyes this cat has? I count about 6 but that’s a lot!

Just watching football

Funny cats and a spy

Funny cat engineers

Funny cats working to fix your computer. This one is a fake professional: this cat is a thief.

Where is my cat

Picture of a cat updating your computer…

Don't touch my pc

Saving the world is not an easy job… you think this is funny? Because of this cat you are Alive today!

How cute is that?

Little funny cat on your computer keyboard image:

Funny Cats and Your PC

Have you noticed any slow perfomance lately?! This image explains it all: is that funny cat eating you PC MHZ:

Funny dancing cats

Join the party! Funny groovy cats! Dancing all the night!

This cat has a nice hat!

That’s a nice little cat with a strange lemon hat!

hang on I'm going to read something

Cat eating a mouse

Who is here?

that’s a really nice game you are doing here

My best friend

a little cat with a nice small chick

Funny Kittens

Funny, cute kittens you can just drink all up.

Lion Cut for a cat

Poor little cat now he looks like a lion and the other cats don’t want to stay with him!

dogs and cat

i wonder what will happen next ? Will this cat get eaten by all those dogs?

Long night! I won't tell you what happened!

sometimes your are drinking too much

Music Babyfunny cat playing with his guitar

Dog and cat friends

sometimes dogs and cats are friends! It doesn’t happen very often!

Sleppling Tiger and pigs

Look how cute they are! How many pigs this tiger is using?

Cat fight!

take this kick in your face you bad dog

Best cat in NBA

I am NBA Best Player of the year.

Are you jealous?

what a beautiful cat, isn’t it? I would love to have one

Scared cat being kicked

Funny scared face of cat

Modest Cat Sunbathers

I’m so relax today, I just want to have a good sun


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